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Intra-African Trade: Prof. Benedict Oramah believes in the assets of Côte d'Ivoire to succeed the IATF 2023 Spécial

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From November 21 to 27, 2023, Abidjan (Ivory Coast) will host the third edition of the Intra-African Trade Fair (IAFT 2023).


The first French-speaking country ready to challenge the strengthening of the common market in Africa, the country of Alassane Ouattara is strongly committed to taking up the challenge of a successful organization like Cairo (Egypt) 2018, Durban (South Africa) 2021.

If $75 billion worth of deals are struck at the two IATFs, it's a reminder of the abundance of potential intra-African trade and investment.
Thus, a total of 20,000 exhibitors are expected and 40 billion USD targeted at this IATF which has become a platform to update the vision of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) which entered into force on January 1, 2021 and brings together a support base of about 1.3 billion people with a cumulative GDP of about $4 trillion.

The Ivorian government expects a success of the IATF 2023 by counting on the economic assets available to the country of Houphouët Boigny. These include the development of an exhibition center with an area of ​​3,700 m2 for 5,200 seats, the reception capacity of the city of Abidjan for participants in terms of accommodation but also Félix Houphouët Boigny airport which serves several African countries, Côte d'Ivoire holds 40% of the wealth of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) and is the third economy of the Economic Community of African States West (ECOWAS), the country has a trade penetration rate of 24% in West Africa, an evolving economy with 40% of the wealth of UEMOA and the third economy of ECOWAS, the Côte d' Ivoire is the largest cocoa producer in the world, where more than 40% of all cocoa beans come from, future host country of CAN 2023...

“In recent years, this country has been an example for especially in the spheres of political and economic governance. The Ivorian economy has been remarkably one of the three in Africa and among the top five in the world to have benefited from one and the fastest economic expansion, with a growth of 8% per year during the decade of the 2010s. So it's no surprise that the economy nearly tripled during this time. Equally remarkable is the diversity of economic expansion. The focus on agriculture and agribusiness has not only ensured broad-based and inclusive economic gains, but created a window for higher value-added exports to other parts of the continent as part of the African Continental Convention Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). Success will depend above all on the unwavering commitment and support of the government of Côte d'Ivoire and certainly all nationals. The country values ​​continental integration and has been at the forefront of promoting collective self-reliance since the early 1960s. The Fair will boost tourism and ancillary businesses, expand economic opportunities, open new business partnerships Ivorian companies and create investment opportunities in trade-enhancing infrastructure. Also, the Fair is an opportunity for Côte d'Ivoire to showcase its creative and cultural diversity. As we look forward to an exciting and very impactful event in Abidjan, I have no doubt that the captivating Zaouli dance of the Guro people and the sumptuous Attieké or peanut sauce with Fufu will leave a lasting impression on the palates of thousands of people. who will participate in the extravaganza week,” said Afreximbank Chairman, Prof. Benedict Oramah.

"The IATF 2023 will be an opportunity to relaunch the vision of the Côte d'Ivoire social project in solidarity with President Alassane Ouattara's National Development Program with the objective of raising 91 billion USD, moving towards doubling the GDP by 2030" , declared Patrick Jérôme ACHI, Prime Minister, Head of Government.
In January 2022, the official announcement of the opening of registrations was launched on the event platform ( to players in the world of trade, investors, governments, African entrepreneurs...
The IATF It opens new trade routes, rapidly expands knowledge of the continent's business environment, exposing cultural heritage to markets and access to new markets.

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